Idea of Enterroom

Smooth, transparent and effective recruitment process is the best way to boost your business and build your employer brand. Studies show that employing the wrong candidate can cost your company up to 90,000. PLN! That’s why during every recruitment process we use a three-step selection model. We verify the skills, don’t believe in declarations. With a well-recruited team, you can reach high and wave your competition goodbye.


Enterroom – complete support for employers. We provide you with solutions perfectly tailored to your needs. Benefit of over a decade of experience in developping organizations! What can we do for you?

End-to-end recruitment process

Verification of skills and expertise

Employer branding

HR manager in your company for hours

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Why Enterroom?

customized process tailored to your needs

find the employee you really need

check for actual skills, not candidates' declarations

receive a competence report for every process

build image of an attractive employer

communication with candidates at the highest level

every project is the most important for us

smooth and efficient process guaranteed

Choice of 5 competences

We help you establish the 5 key competences.

Recruitment of candidates

We search for talents who meet the requirements / or check the competences of candidates selected by you.

Three-step selection

Phone interview, individual meeting, examination of candidate's competences.

Competency report

Report on the best candidates for the position / full report on all candidates sent by the employer.

About us

We offer over 10 years of experience in support of both employeers and candidates. Our collective background includes running an employment agency and internal HR departments, as well as vocational counseling, organisation of trainings and giving lectures at a university. We love our work and approach every project with passion and creativity because for every Gordian Knot there is a sword. Let us find the one for you.

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